Top rated 20 Pump Up Rap Songs

EDIT: Annotations added for those who type prior to they read. These are what I take into account to be the top 20 greatest pump up rap songs. These are all in order, from #20-#1, and I attempted to showcase the greatest parts of every single song, whilst also enabling each and every about the very same quantity of time. #20: Prepared for Whatever – TI #19: Why We Thugs – Ice Cube #18: Born To Win – Papoose #17: Till I Collapse – Eminem feat. Nate Dogg #16: Nike Boots – Wale #15: Tear da Club Up ’97 – Three 6 Mafia #14: Dope Boys – Game feat. Travis Barker #13: Tear ‘Em Up – Sam Scarfo #12: X Gon’ Give It to Ya – DMX #11: Watcha Got – Brother Ali #ten: Upgrade U (Remix) – Lil Wayne #9: Let’s Go – Trick Daddy feat. Twista & Lil Jon #eight: Go Getta – Young Jeezy feat. R. Kelly #7: Go To Church – Ice Cube feat. Snoop Dogg & Lil Jon #six: Can not Be Touched – Body Head Bangerz feat. Difficulty Tha Truth #five: Fly Away – Wale #4: Massive Dreams – Game #3: Ride four My Niggas – Lil Wayne #2: Second Coming – Juelz Santana #1: Body Bags – Game NOTE: Ride 4 My Niggas is NOT referred to as Sky Is The Limit. This has been misinformed to thousands, millions of uneducated listeners. Do NOT come in right here posting that it is named Sky Is The Limit. PROOF: 2xNOTE: Can’t Be Touched is NOT by Roy Jones Jr. It is by his rap group Physique Head Bangerz. Magic (element of BHB) raps the first verse, Difficulty Da Truth (NOT element of BHB) raps the second, and Roy raps the third. I assume we can all agree that Cam’ron =/= Dipset, Ice
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***May well make one more a lot more latest video!!!!*** im a girl…. dont call me man or dude. lol I know i’m often searching for new songs that pump me up for basketball games. I just thought it’d be cool to make a video sharing which songs i thought pumped me up the very best. hopefully you can relate, and appreciate.

  • SongHooks1993

    these are the worst pump up songs in the world minus wale anything he does pumps u up except that soft jazz

  • 06cdancer

    Music is subjective, stop arguing, just listen.

  • basketfullofspite

    if he looked white to you than you are a fucking idiot. what a shocker.

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  • TheAlexmurray

    i like eminem but i recognize hes not the best

  • Youssef Rashid

    where is eminem?

  • awsomeavidgirl

    i do and they are good to but i relate to eminem thats why i think hes really good. just because you dont fucking like him doesnt mean you have the fucking right to tell me what the fuck to do

  • themidgetninja32

    He looked white to me. Anyone else agree?

  • Frogged John

    dang you got alright taste :)

  • FutureElite4thRecon

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  • nyankittycharliedude

    Age: 13
    dude shut the hell up you dont know what your talkin bout you need to listen to some damn hopsin, Pac, nas, or jay lil wayne is just a pop shit that talks about makin money thats it .

  • LewisM181

    you know nothing, you are just as bad as the people who love Justin bieber

  • Kickitandrelaxify

    lil wayne shudnt b on here….

  • TheAlexmurray

    I was the one who said lil wayne blows. 

  • Piercebandits

    Age: 13
    Go fucking listen to some real shit, Ethonial. You need a couple a doses of “Illmatic”, then drag your sorry ass back here and say Lil Wayne is still “the best rapper alive.” Seriously though, I gaurantee you don’t even know warren g, nas, tupac, or anything legit.

  • doug347snake

    real niggas

  • basketfullofspite

    LOL you need a reality check.

  • Anthony Villa

    People like you are the reason why white people are looked down on by every other race

  • MrGameguy247

    Have you heard Eminem, Lloyd Banks, 50 Cent, Young Buck, and etc, Lil wayne cannot rap im sorry you like his faggot ass

  • TheAlexmurray

    Yeah? Why dont you pull your thumb out of his ass real quick and listen to other rappers

  • JeffFisher JaneBowell

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  • awsomeavidgirl

    eminem is the best fucking rapper

  • micah5124

    he is not white hes mexican

  • ChaseK64yt

    Age: 3
    i like pies.

  • TheAlexmurray

    I know about eminem cock riders and i hate them.

  • DaRkAnG3L1000

    hell yeah !

  • HassFTW

    I must have read your comment wrong! I could have sworn you said Lil Wayne was a lyricist! I gotta slow down my reading!!

  • zerogravitypranks

    ya and thats why u never see him in commercials or in adds hes gone n forgoten

  • lilgangsta0719

    nelly is best rapper ever he had numba 1 song

  • etstway

    its obvious the two best lyricists in the world are on this the most
    LIL WAYNE and Eminem

  • Zech Wilborn

    Thats Why its #1 dumb ass

  • Zech Wilborn

    Stop hating no one told you to click on this video

  • pashipash

    seriously, has anybody actually found a GOOD quality of boom by nelly?

  • Hamza Elboudali

    top 10 pump up songs (no particular order):
    all i do is win
    remember the name
    till i collapse
    i cant stop
    lose yourself
    the greatest
    imma go ghetto
    work hard play hard
    lose yourself
    my fresh

  • Komdean Masoumi

    capcom kid cudi

  • Victor Raimondi

    go to sleep eminem

  • MrKwstas97

    i think cant be touched bby roy jones should be in second place if the list…

  • Qauntiz Smitherman

    Can we retire Lose Yourself by Eminem from these lists? It’s in the Pump-Up Hall of Fame now since you see it on EVERY list! It’s an obvious choice now

  • Piemuncher24

    I only listen to forever by drake for em